Learn Microsoft Excel for Free in Urdu / Hindi

Learn Microsoft Excel For free

Microsoft Excel is an essential daily used application software which is included in Microsoft Office Software pack. Learning Microsoft Excel has become an important requirement in order to get an office job whether it is clerical job or accountant job.

There are various sources available across the web to learn Microsoft Excel. Most of them are paid and few of them are available for free. Here we will obviously describe a free way to learn it from the scratch. Here is a list of Excel Tutoring and Excel fresher courses available for free on YouTube in Urdu / Hindi:-

Learn Microsoft Excel in Urdu / Hindi for free

1. Microsoft Excel Complete Tutorial in Urdu by Advanced User

Microsoft Excel complete tutorial in Urdu / Hindi 1 hour

Course Contents:

After watching this Microsoft Excel course you will be able to perform any kind of task in MS Excel at your own. Basic formulas including IF, IF AND and IF OR formula are also discussed partially in this course.
Following topics are covered in detail:-
00:00 Greetings for the course
00:30 Introduction and Importance to Microsoft Excel Course
02:17 Different ways to open Microsoft Excel file
03:28 Run Command to open Excel
04:40 Save your workbook
05:40 Extension of Excel workbook
05:48 Microsoft Excel Interface explained
08:44 Basics of Microsoft Excel
14:56 Different mouse pointers of Excel
18:08 Data Entry in Excel
21:14 Basic Formulas & Functions explained
41:48 Creating Formulas manually
44:20 Formatting in Excel
48:44 Using Filter
50:30 Sorting Data in Excel
50:52 Conditional Formatting
52:15 Revision of Basic Formatting
53:18 All about printing from Excel
55:30 Use of Find & Replace command
56:20 Outro
56:35 How to download Excel
The above timeframe also covered:-
Introduction to the Layout of MS Excel
Printing a document in Excel
Page setup its size and margin in Microsoft Excel
How to do data entry tasks in Excel
Applying basic and important formulas including Add, Subtract, Multiply, divide, IF, IF OR, IF AND and some other logical formulas are also discussed.

This video is in 1080p please watch it in 1080p.
Do not watch the video like a movie and apply things while watching the video.
Do not skip to learn everything.

2. How to Print Large sheet and workbook from Excel

Advanced User has uploaded another useful tutorial which describes the way to print Excel sheets easily. This video will help you clearing your all doubts regarding printing from Microsoft Excel.

How to print a large Excel Sheet | MS Excel printing guide | Excel Tutorial in Urdu

It is not difficult to print an Excel file but for beginners it looks tricky. The above video therefore describes and teaches you the way to print an Excel file easily. Advanced User keeps uploading Excel related tutorials on his blog and YouTube channel.

3. Important Excel Formulas for your interview

There are some important Excel formulas which are used on daily basis and are must learn formulas. These formulas can really help one to clear an interview or test for Excel related job.

17 Most Important Microsoft Excel Formulas you should learn | Microsoft Excel Urdu Tutorial

Microsoft Excel is an important software used on daily based in industries, companies and Govt and Private offices. Microsoft Excel is a set of hundreds of formulas and functions which make our calculations easy. Learning all those formulas and functions is not important. If you learn basic excel formulas you can easily perform your tasks and easily learn other formulas. In this video following formulas and functions are being discussed practically.
Advanced User always tries to teach everything from zero which means that even if you are not familiar with the thing, you are going to be an expert.

Excel Basic Formulas and Functions

  1. Auto Fill
  2. Sum
  3. Subtract
  4. Multiply
  5. Divide
  6. Percentage
  7. Average
  8. Count
  9. Counta
  10. Countblank
  11. If
  12. AND
  13. Max
  14. Min
  15. Concatenate
  16. Proper
  17. Sort and Filter

4. Use ChatGPT to Generate Excel Formulas

In this video, I’ll show you how to use ChatGPT to automatically generate Excel formulas. With this ChatGPT tool, you’ll be able to generate custom formulas and perform various calculations in seconds!

Excel is a vital part of any medical office, and ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help you automate various tasks. In this video, I’ll show you how to use ChatGPT to generate Excel formulas and save time and effort in your office work!

Use ChatGPT to learn Excel formulas | Advanced User Excel Tutorial in Urdu


Microsoft Excel is like a sea (as deep as sea) and you don’t need to remember and learn everything about it. This article has covered and embedded some important Excel Tutorials which can be really helpful for you.

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